UV Varnishing is an extremely popular and desirable choice of finishing for the discerning graphic designer / end user. 

ACA adopted the process of U.V. Varnishing many years ago, our skilled staff use two fully automatic (B1) U.V. Lines to best advantage both ourselves and our clients. 

Regardless of the increasing use of in-line coating available on many modern printing machines U.V. Varnishing continues to provide an unmatched high calibre, deep lustre finish which is still very much in demand. 

Key features

  • Spot UV high lift varnishing

  • Re-Moist Gumming

  • Rub Removable Latex

  • Screen Printing

The increasing number of printers using C.T.P. technology means many customers do not have image setters and therefore cannot produce the film needed for Spot U.V. Varnishing. This does not pose any problem for ACA since we have our own studio which is well equipped to produce film In-house.

Re-Moist Gumming - A process widely used on application forms, tear off reply forms, specialist envelopes, and a host of other applications connected to direct mailing.

Trade Screen Printing - A specialist but unsung process which is often used where a single colour is being used to accentuate a job which litho cannot achieve or sometimes to rescue a job which contains a printing error and either time or costs prevent a reprint. The process is also widely used for “Point Of Sale “items such as shelf talkers or hanging cards.

Our two fully automatic U.V. Lines are versatile machines which in conjunction with specialist operator skills allow us to offer three processes.

Rub Removable Printing - This is achieved by sealing the job and applying the removable ink and possibly a printed message on top. The applications for this process are wide and varied but typically include competition scratch cards and question sheets with concealed answers etc.

Samples of each of these processes are available on request.