Film Lamination is a long term 'core' process at ACA. There is an ongoing customer demand for the product and visual impact which this process has to offer. 

Key features

  • Gloss finish

  • Matt finish

  • Silk finish

  • Soft touch

  • Anti-scuff

Certain companies enter this market on a tight budget and choose Thermal Lamination even with all its drawbacks. ACA however have always believed that Wet Adhesive Lamination offers more flexibility and a consistently higher finish even on much lighter paper stock. We at ACA use Billhofer Laminating equipment and have a long term relationship with this world class manufacturer who offer superb technical backup. 

Gloss Finish - High transparency, good dimensional stability, excellent slip, high resistance to water and oil greases, etc. High resistance to scratching and creasing 

Matt Finish - Excellent matt surface finish, easy to process high resistance to folding and tearing. Giving superior performance in printing varnishing and foil blocking 

Silk Finish - This relatively new film appears midway between gloss and matt film and in parts a smooth natural finish to brochures, books and covers etc. giving excellent clarity to the underlying print, scratch and scuff resistance superior to that of matt film

Size data Maximum Minimum
Gloss 710mm x 1020 225 x 320mm
Matt 710mm x 1020 225 x 320mm
Silk 710mm x 1020 225 x 320mm