We view gluing as an essential part of our finishing process whether for Commercial Printers or Packaging Manufacturers.

A large proportion of the items which are Forme cut by ACA require gluing to finish the job.

Key features

  • Flat Pocket Folders
  • Capacity Pocket
  • Folders
  • Sleeves
  • Trent cards
  • Cartons
  • Collarets

In particular the high volume items are more appropriate for automatic gluing in order to achieve faster turnaround times and keener pricing. Some items are straight forward others require great skill and ingenuity as a result of their specialist nature. 

Our gluing section has been carefully tailored to meet the mixed needs of our customers with specialist low volume work being carried out by our team of experienced hand workers. 

High volume work ranging from standard format to extremely demanding shapes and gluing patterns can be produced by our machines at a much higher speed than would otherwise be possible. 

Help us to help you. By getting our Production Team involved with jobs at the ‘design’ stage they will always endeavour to give the best advice and provide solutions to your gluing problems.