All change at ACA Press Cutters.

It’s been a long time, approximately 35 years but it’s happened. As we waved goodbye to Mr. McCready at the start of November, the door was opened to welcome a new team who are already demonstrating how we’re driving our business forward.

Leading the business development and investment strategy are Joe Keenan (an old but familiar face) & Dara Changizi (just a fresh face), armed with print industry insight, business expertise and share a canny knack of straight talking. They’ll be ably assisted by an exceptional management team, which has been restructured since the Buyer Induced Management Buy Out (BIMBO).

Introducing ACA Press Finishing & Packaging Solutions Ltd.

Since announcing the news to press last at the end of February 2017, we’ve welcomed the interest from suppliers and partners, old and new, keen to hear how we’re going to take the business forward.

In the interests of straight talking, the aim of our first blog is to give you a little insight to what we are all about.

The grass hasn’t been allowed to grow since we entered the hallowed doors at the front of our vast Inchinnan premises. We are strategising every day over lots of strong coffee & chocolate biscuits – but we’re making progress on our first one hundred day plan.

What have we done?

  • We’ve brought in external experts to assist us with accreditation & certification in Health and Safety, ISO 9001 & 14001 and BRC. The projects are well under way and our very aggressive target for completion is the end of June.
  • We have great new branding which was inspired by the classic Heidelbergs and colours have moved to a cyan blue.
  • The new website is still in Beta and we'll continue to progress the site structure to provide more information about our services and partnership opportunities. 
  • Our new branded staff uniforms will be delivered this week and signage is appearing throughout the ACA site.
  • We’ve introduced ourselves to customers old and new and the feedback has been incredibly positive.

That’s just a quick overview and there’s much more to follow. We need to say a huge thanks to all the staff, who’ve embraced the changes and are delighted to be part of this journey.

To all our customers – we’re changing for the better! Excitement tied with tangible progress is in the air at ACA and we’re keen to share that with you. So keep in touch for all our regular updates. Call us, email us or meet with the new team and we can discuss how our improved output, customer service and keen pricing can help you and your projects.